Exhaust Manufacturer Offering The Perfect Product

We continue to provide premium exhaust products that exceed customers' expectations. For this purpose, we are constantly improving the production precision and standards of our facility.


All necessary parts related to the exhaust system are produced in-house by Ağar Oto Egzoz San Tic.A.Ş. : Silencers, clamps and fasteners, flanges, pipes, flexible pipes, exhaust gaskets, heat shields…
Moulds used in exhaust systems are also prepared on CNC benches using the CAD-CAM (Cimatron Program) system.
Raw materials used in exhaust production are as follows: Cold-rolled aluminum coated sheet of various thicknesses, pipes and zinc-coated transmission shaft, flat steel, glass wool, biosil, rock wool, steel wool etc...
Sheet metal and pipes are cut in guillotine shears and saws. All production processes such as forming, blanking cutting, pipe bending, body roll clamping, countersinking, welding cover plastering, bending, end forming are all carried out in accordance with high quality standards at every stage of production.