AĞAR EXHAUST started production in 1972 in İstanbul Topkapı, in a 200 m² closed area. In 1995, the company has moved to a closed area of 10.000 m² in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone and in 1997, the company has got the name of "AĞAR OTO EGZOZ SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş."

Sheet metal and pipe forming, silencer and exhaust production are carried out in our factory.

Production procedures are all carried out by means of using the most advanced technology. "Investing in technology" has been one of our basic principles of our factory since the first day... Automatic Silencer line, Cnc Pipe Bending Machine, Cnc Milling are some of these investments.

It carries out the closures of exhaust types consisting of two pressed bodies, which have been increasing in recent years, with its own "clamshell system". Within this system, welding technique is not used for joining the printed bodies. So the life of the exhaust is extended and the tightness of the exhaust reaches the desired technical value. Additionally; the production time of these exhausts (which are closed with the mentioned system) is greatly shortened.

Ağar Exhaust manufactures the necessary parts for the exhaust system in-house. All the moulds used in their workbenches are made in their own moulding room as well. Moulds are made on CNC benches using the CAD-CAM (Cimatron Program) system. Cold rolled and aluminum-coated sheets and pipes of various thicknesses and zinc-coated transmission shaft, metal sheet, glass wool, biosil, rock wool and steel wool are used as raw materials in exhaust production. Sheets and pipes that come as raw materials, are cut in guillotine shears and saws. Various processes such as forming, blanking cutting, body roll clamping, countersinking, welding cover plastering, twisting, end shaping are performed. After the completion of these processes, the products are ready for shipment.

Our Quality Policy :

  • To continuously improve our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standard.
  • To organize trainings for the purpose of increasing the technical and behavioral competencies of our employees.
  • To increase performance and productivity by means of continuously improving production processes.
  • To provide the necessary technological infrastructures and to keep our company up-to-date on the innovations in Industry 4.0.
  • To provide a healthy and safe work environment for our employees.
  • To produce continuously new products for the domestic and foreign markets in order to meet the expectations and the demands of our customers.
  • To keep the stock level at optimum level.
  • To encourage our employees for working together and also to create an environment of mutual trust.