Strength of Our Corporate Brand

Strength of Our Corporate Brand… From Traditional to the Global!

Our branding process, which has been started for the Turkish Market with traditional techniques, today has been moved to a global point in over 25 countries (with the name of AGAR brand) by means of using the most advanced technology.

Ağar Auto Exhaust takes place at the center of many innovations in its sector with its production, supply and after-sales support services. AGAR branded exhaust systems are safely used in all brands of vehicles by the authorized assembly services in original quality.

Besides all; as an OEM manufacturer, it also presents successfully "high quality standards" which have been approved in the automotive market, to all its customers.

Feel this great power with you! Ağar Auto Exhaust, which has environmental awareness and provides services by means of using sustainable growth strategies, is aware of its responsibilities as a world brand. In this direction, Ağar Auto Exhaust, develops various production and distribution processes for achieving a sustainable growth as well as a livable environment.

AGAR Quality, which have been approved by tens thousands of satisfied customers, is constantly increasing its global market share. In the near future, all of us as Turkey, have right to be proud of being a strong and a reputable brand which will take place in markets outside its geography as well as in transoceanic markets. With this pride and success, we are determined to continue on our way with more determination and excitement.